Sunday, February 04, 2007

Part 36 – We didn’t listen!

We were there. The smells, the local ramblings, and the incredible field of lag surrounding every one of our movements. It was the street called Jita, my sworn nemesis. And we were locked down, needing a way to somehow cut off those endless waves of CONCORD reinforcements from coming in here and totally spanking us.

I was alright at least. My speedmobile Typhoon had only been scratched in the chaos, but most of my followers clogging up the traffic queue were in those bizarre plastic eggs. Barely anyone made it out with a proper ride or weapons it seemed.

Around us, Chaos prevailed however. The local denizens, disturbed from their wal-mart shopping and moneymaking filled the streets, as ever more present suicide bombers tried their hand at them. I had to think fast before the chaos disrupted my forces.

“Uh…” I stumbled. “Tackle the gate! Don’t let it get away and… um. Smash em!” I called. Yes, we would smash the highway gates that entered Jita, however long that would take. A brave Velator shifted by me, already crashing into the gate and backing up, lunging forward to crash again.

This was clearly not working. Action had to be taken. We had to find something to destroy or block all of these gates…

“Everyone.. um..” I paused. “Get a chunk of Concrete from every Rock Field in the area and stack them all over the gates! Fast!” I called hastily. For this plan to work, it would had to start now. I myself flew through, toasting poor mission-runners trying to kill some defenseless members of that Guristas gang, who barely did anything bad to anyone except hang out amongst themselves. After a few hours of murder, I returned to one of the gates to see how everyone did.

Apparently, there was not a single loose rock in Jita anymore. Nor any way in through several gates. The road was completely closed and all the price we had to pay was several billion metric tons of Concrete hauled. A few of those robotic asian miners I knew from before seemed upset at all of this. They were soon dispatched with that trusty violence I had grown so used to…

Still. I felt tired. Jita was gone now and my mission complete. Had I won? Had I stopped it all? I felt exausted from this terrible ordeal. As the lag faded, I slipped off to much needed sleep.

It was good to be lag-free. I slept for quite a while.

(to be concluded!)


At 3:24 AM, Anonymous Angelis666 said...

With jita down what could be left!

Lovin it keep it coming

At 11:02 AM, Anonymous Wylker said...

It'll be sad to see it end.

At 1:26 AM, Blogger EVEAries said...

All good things come to an end!

I need to find time after Midterms and ridiculous 0.0 wars to write more. But there'll likely be a sequel, or maybe something posted either here, or at my side-job at :)


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