Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Part 31 – God, Bob and the Company of Siblings…

Life seemed to shift into truly high gear now that I cruised around in this Nanophoon, hitting absolutely ludicrous speeds as I went. Already, the forces of DISCORD were amassing in preparation to strike with their mighty Ibis hordes against the forces of Bob.

To slay this mighty foe would be simple. It was merely a heavily fortified military empire that spanned half the country’s south-western section. No doubt there would be one easily strikable point deep within, where I could tear their hearts out. Bypassing several rampcamps with my uncatchable pwnmobile, I soon drove deep into the heart of Bob’s territory, searching while my followers waited for the signal to attack en-masse.

From my hours of detailed reading of maps, I assumed Period Basis would be one of their most important regions to strike at. However, new impediments quickly became apparent as I closed in on Bob’s Headquarters. Everywhere I went, odd phenomenon occurred! Little leaflet-like popups appeared everywhere, raining down from the sky as the road crumbled away before me. I saw a few on my Phoon’s windshield, and I read them carefully as I drove.


Node shutdown in 5 minutes. Your local gods are not responsible for any shutdown related losses.

Quite unnerving indeed! As things around me began to spontaneously catch on fire, the reason for Bob’s success at invading the rest of 0.0 became clear and only the speed of my utterly broken and unstoppable deathmobile kept me alive through it all.

Bob was the alt of some kind of god! A person, controlled by a powerful divine figure of some sort with the ability to ‘crash’ whole regions! Perhaps the dark legend of the evil lord CCP being behind Bob was true. I shuddered at this terrifying revelation. Perhaps this is how they could defeat all contenders at the Alliance Tournament, as well as the Steve’s mighty titan. I swallowed bitterly, as I knew Bob’s well trained and mighty army forces grew even more powerful at every moment. Someone had to find a way to stop them.

This series of thoughts finished once I at last arrived at their stronghold, where deep within, Bob’s Titan, Shrike lay dormant. If I could slay her and secure the God Powers II BPO deep within, perhaps I could be able to launch that invasion of Jita I had dreamed of for so long, learning many of Bob’s secrets such as how to fit 9 weapons on a car with 8 slots. But how could such a beast as Bob’s warmachine be defeated? There was but one slim hope, one secret weapon that could sweep all before it.

I picked up the radio to my forces, and spoke a single command into the Teamspeak line.

“Everyone, fit yourself with as much NOS as you can.”

(To Be Continued)


At 3:59 AM, Anonymous Redbad said...

NOS? Sucking their blood as a vampire eh? Hope it works cause without a heart their blood could be stale ;-)

At 10:12 AM, Anonymous Wylker said...

Ruh Roh, you've discovered the I-Win button.


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