Saturday, January 20, 2007

Part 34 – Preparations for BlobWar

Day 7

I awoke on the seventh day of my adventure, no doubt the last day based on how things were getting. Populations in Empire were rioting, with nearly 33000 of them filling a few select streets. Some cried about how difficult it was to move or do anything, and others whined about traffic jams and stoplight queues. Sensable people tried to tell them ‘Get away from Jita’ or ‘Stay out of Rens’, but few listened.

I would make them listen by the fundamental rule of the universe: he who wields the best armed blob wins. And my blob didn’t waste money on things like ‘better vehicles’, instead using the tried and trued Ibis as the killmachine it truly wanted to be underneath.

Now I waited in HED-GP, one exit off the freeway from the boundries of 0.5 Empire Turf. No doubt CONCORD waited there to stop us. I gritted my teeth at the very thought of how many times they had hospitalized me and how many dental fillings I had lost.

My hands gripped the wheel of my nanophoon. The hour had come. All I had to do now was to set up my gang and get ready.

Setting up the gang took a lot longer than I thought. Working with the teamspeak line and trying to write who was what commander, this all gave me a headache. Whines of ‘I’m not getting my bonuses!’ clogged the voice lines. I gave up, and jumped ahead by myself to tackle the legions of police surely waiting for my invasion.

When I entered 0.5 Sec Keberz Street, all I sensed locally were but a dozen truck drivers hauling Tritanium and garbage around back and forth. They all paused to stare at me and the great big ‘-10’ sign I wore proudly atop this overpowered battletank. Chaos ensued, and they ran, fleeing to dock up in a garage from the ‘scary’ pirate who hadn’t done a thing yet!

A ‘gate sentry’ posted here to help prevent bad people like me from entering did respond, however. He was a rather pathetic guy, standing on the roof of a building pelting me with the mighty firepower of a paintball gun. Yes, it would surely deter my pirating ways. I sped on, hearing my horde pour forth. They fired weapons and pillaged, burning a horrible swath across civilization as we bore down on Jita.

Still, I never felt a shred of guilt for my actions in killing and maiming. I knew full well they’d just wake up in a hospital, slightly dazed but otherwise alright. Sometimes, I felt grateful to this mad world I now lived in.

It was so convenient to have absolutely no moral obligation to refrain from indiscriminate killing.

(to be continued…)


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