Friday, January 26, 2007

Part 35 – Criminally Flagged!

Midway through my relentless assault on Empire once I crossed deeper into the city, something odd happened. As I fought, somebody had the nerve to slap a huge sticker on the front of my nanophoon! It was bright red, and I barely paid it any notice. Looking back on it, I probably should it have.

Criminal Flag: 15 Minutes

I wondered, why should I care what others thought of what I did? It was for their own good after all. Vague thoughts of morality returned to my distracted mind as we pressed forward into deep 0.8 territory.

The sharp siren of CONCORD Police cars scooting in my way before the Jita on-ramp quickly brought my thoughts back to the situation. So they had responded! But six cars were there, trying to stop my thousand-Ibis horde? What nonsense was this?

“The cops are here.” I said with a smile into the teamspeak. My fingers danced along the wheel, waiting dramatically. “Take them out.”

My eyes closed, expecting the destruction of those pathetic CONCORD cars momentarily before my moment of triumph. Explosions sounded all around, and my eyes opened to press on the attack forward.

The six cars were still there! How dare my legions disobey my order! A sudden dark and creeping fear suddenly swept over me, and I turned my head around. What I saw was beyond horrible.

Wrecks everywhere. And a thousand of my minions rolling around in large plastic eggs. I didn’t get these kinds of new Japanese airbags, but they seemed all the rage these days. Right behind them were seemingly limitless CONCORD Trucks and Cars, all aiming upon me now! How I wished my Dreadnaught armies could have been here, instead of being stopped for being a mite bit too fat before entering 0.5.

CONCORD Closed in around me slowly, circling as if sizing me up. It was an odd departure of their standard ‘Shoot First, Prove Guilt Later’ philosophy, which gave me valuable time to think. There were literally unlimited CONCORD officers here, an infinite horde I could not defeat… how could I stave them off long enough to enter Jita?

Thinking with my feet, I hit the gas and drove for the onramp gate into Jita. “Follow me through the gate! Now!” I called to my legions of capsuled minions, not a single weapon amongst them. This plan had to work.

I would to trap CONCORD out of Jita with a deadly weapon.

Traffic Control: (To CONCORD Police Commander) You are cleared for entering Jita in 12:59:99h. Please stand by.

(to be continued!)


At 2:48 PM, Blogger Lae said...

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At 7:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haha! Awesome! Finally someone other than us capsuleers feel the jump queue pain.

At 1:37 AM, Blogger EVEAries said...

Blah. Sorry for the lack of updates. I'll get a new one up soon! Midterms week!


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